Anthony Kiedis says he’s happy RHCP reinvented themselves for new album, I’m With You.

New Interview - July 24th 2011.

DESPITE the drugs, the overdoses and the revolving door of guitarists, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have always showed a beating heart at the centre of their funk mental rock ‘n’ roll.

Their breakout tune Under The Bridge in 1992 proved they were more than just loud party boys, with lyrics detailing loneliness and the damaging impact of narcotics.

As they prepare to release their 10th album proving, along with U2 and Depeche Mode, to be Eighties survivors, lead singer Anthony Kiedis revealed that he’s happier than he has ever been thanks to his three-year old son Everly Bear by ex-girlfriend Heather Christie.

The proud dad, 48, admitted: “He’s just the biggest part of my life that there is, so everything I do is inspired by him. He definitely quadrupled the size of my heart so I just feel more love in me.”