RHCP in Q Magazine August 2011. New guitarist, new start for rock vets.

A brief article about the new Red Hot Chili Peppers era and new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer features in Issue 301 of Q Magazine, published August 2011.


Q Magazine Issue 301 – August 2011
New guitarist, new start for rock vets.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have told Q Magazine that new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has revitalised the band. “It’s been like starting over again,” says RHCP frontman Anthony Kiedis (pictured). Josh Klinghoffer was recruited 18 months ago to replace John Fruscianie and makes his recorded debut on new album, I’m With You. Produced by Rick Rubin and with cover art from Damien Hirst, I’m With You mixes their trademark funk sound with classic rock inflections. “It was a big thing for us to decide to continue without John,” acknowledges bassist Flea. “But we came back really enthusiastic and wrote a shit-load of stuff. I’m excited about the whole deal.”

I’m With You is out August 29th in the UK and is available under wider release on August 30th. Click here to Pre-order your copy on Amazon.